James Ledward – the legend

For our James Ledward. From us. Two old lesbians who always cherished your friendship and laughter. Rest in peace dearest soul. Queenie’s Strip Service cartoon tribute will be published in November’s Gscene Magazine and the original artwork auctioned in honour of James for The Rainbow Fund – Brighton & Hove later that month. To make a donation today head please click here.

James Ledward. Our GScene boss, our friend, our source of fabulous scene gossip, a proud supporter of Pride and a man forever there whenever we had a idea (regardless of its chances). He was the one who said yes to our BPD cartoon that eventually made its way to the Huffington Post, always an advocate for good mental health, and he was the one who out shone the brides with his fabulous shirt at our civil partnership. He made Brighton brighter through his tireless work and compassion (and yes those shirts helped!) and we will miss him very, very much. Thinking of his family and his dear Besi at this saddest of times. Rest in peace dear friend.




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