Listen again 181019

Missed us live on 1BTN and wishing you hadn’t? Desperate for three hours of disco infused tunes, random camp banter, Classic Album Sundays wiggles, Queer Prom action, Club Barbra must-hears, Decent party news and tales of Wales? Then you know what to do. Head to Mixcloud or Soundcloud and fill your (disco) boots. Queenie insists.
The Wildblood and Queenie Show on 1BTN. If you like a lot of disco on your biscuit, join our club. Every 1st & 3rd Friday 13:00-16:00. 101.4FM | DAB+ | TuneIn |

Listen again (and again and again) to all our 1BTN shows over on Mixcloud. Photo by Hannah Sherlock Photography.


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