50 Tunes For 50 Years: First Choice Ft. Rochelle Fleming

From that first strung out moment you know something special is about to happen, even before your out that door. If Rochelle will let you go that is. Let No Man Put Asunder was the moment back in 1987 when I knew I had truly lost my heart to disco. When the eighteen-year-old goth gave into the glitter, left her suitcase at the door and never looked back. Of course, the insistence of hanging on to a love you knew to be true regardless of reality hadn’t hit me yet, I had a few years to go before that particular heartache. But Rochelle Fleming knew the tale she was telling off by (broken) heart as she joined Joyce Jones, Annette Guest and First Choice in creating the tune guaranteed to make me weep with joy with every single play. A tune so perfect I will always defend it.

But then when Walter Gibbons, Shep Pettibone, and Frankie Knuckles are on this much form delivering productions and remixes that stun with their simplicity and style its no surprise this classic has become my favourite disco record of all time. A time filled with Salsoul Records genius I’m so glad to have soundtracked my life. A life made dirtier when Butch sampled the Rochelle to late-night perfection in the epic No Worries, a tune forever filled with Bitch,Please! sass and memories of Queenie wiggles down The Tempest Inn on Brighton beach. A life forever grateful to have never put asunder one of the greatest disco tunes ever made. A life sure in the knowledge my love affair with First Choice and Rochelle Fleming is not over.

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