1BTN International Womens’ Day Takeover 2020

A day of dazzling and empowering radio awaits you on March 8th 2020 as the 1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover returns for its third year of femme-focussed music and live entertainment. Featuring some of 1BTN’s finest broadcasters including Clara Suess, Katty Manville-Muench, Sista Selecta, Catherine Sones, Kerry Jean Lister, Suze Rosser, Katie Blackwell, Chantal Irtelli, Jayney BlamBlam, Lisa Lohan, Hannah Sherlock, Kathy Ellis, Jayne Winstanley, Sophie Joyful Paul, Jeff Hardy, Lindsey Tatler, Black Feather and two lasses called Wildblood and Queenie, it will be the only soundtrack for your International Women’s Day 2020 celebrations.

A day destined to enlighten your ears and feed your soul, the 1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover 2020 will once again celebrate women’s achievements in music, highlighting the songwriters, producers, writers, performers, remixers, artists and musicians who have made our lives so sound. Expect genre fluid gloriousness from 9am till midnight as we embrace all things grime, hip hop, house, indie, jazz, Latin, new wave, psych, punk, R’n’B, reggae, riot grrrl, rock, ska, and techno.

A celebration we are always proud to be part of the 1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover 2020 has become one of our favourite days of the year (and that’s without the possibility of a slice of  Wildblood birthday cake). A day that brings our station together like no other, it is set to enhance your Sunday just right as we come together with our 1BTN sisters to place IWD20’s campaign theme #EachForEqual at the heart of the day.

1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover will be fundraising for The Girls’ Network. To donate click here 

The Girls Network’s mission is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor and a network of professional female role models. They believe that no girl should have their future limited by their background, gender or parental income. thegirlsnetwork.org.uk

1BTN International Women’s Day Takeover, Sunday 8th March 2020 9am-late. Listen 101.4FM and DAB+ in the Brighton & Hove area, and worldwide 1btn.fm
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Artwork by Queenie’s Strip Service


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