Justice For George Floyd

Like so many across the world, I have watched the recent horror in America unfold with a sense of history repeating. But it isn’t a history that comes along once in a generation or with each decade. It is a history that is repeating itself daily. Daily black men and women are being placed at the bottom of American society, through housing, health care, work, corrupt policing or via the legal system. Prisons are overflowing, families are torn apart, discrimination and grief are part of daily life.
I can never understand what it is like to feel the scourge of systemic racism seep into my life each and every day. I can never understand the hurt that is caused by battling hatred each day and I can never truly understand the humiliation, fear and despair felt by people of colour in the United States and across the world. But I can stand and declare I see it. I see it, it matters and I will say it. I will donate, I will learn and I will campaign. Because if there is something I do know it is this – a change will come and I want my generation to be part of the moment in history that made it so.


Donate George Floyd Memorial Fund 
Black Lives Matter 

Artwork : shirien


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