We Are Fabuloso Brighton Pride’s Digital Festival

This weekend should have been our biggest. Brighton Pride is a vital part of our lives in the city, campaigning, celebrating and fundraising for our LGBTQI+ community. It is a wonder that never ceases to delight me and a weekend I am always proud to play a part in, no matter how small, how disco, how curated or how fabulous.

COVID 19 saw that dream weekend shattered, plans lost and events cancelled. Wigs remained in boxes, records in bags, placards in the shed, outfits on hangers, the glitter going nowhere. And with the cancellation made, fears grew across our LGBTQI+ community about the devastating loss of funding. Funding so many in our city would struggle to survive without.

But the desire to remain Fabuloso was strong and thanks to a monumental effort behind the scenes and with the support of artists, organisers, campaigners and of the course the occasional global superstar, We Are Fabuloso Brighton Pride’s Digital Festival was born. Three days of online entertainment, music, comedy, cabaret, performance, debate, campaigning, interviews, quizzes, DJs (and a lesbian called Wildblood) all fundraising for The Brighton and Hove Rainbow Fund.

All to connect, campaign and fundraise for our community. So follow the rainbow road this weekend to the links, subscribe and get settled in for three days of the best of Pride events. Donate, dance and be fabuloso this weekend with Brighton Pride. Now, where did I put that glitter again??

We Are Fabuloso Brighton Pride’s Digital Festival Friday 31st July – Sunday 2nd August 2020. Subscribe to Pride TV Network today or grab more info here


The Brighton Rainbow Fund currently support 23 LGBTQ+ and HIV projects in Brighton & Hove. With the necessary cancellation of major fundraising events this year those projects will face a tough time. Brighton Pride is staging a phenomenal virtual Pride to raise funds for The Brighton Rainbow Fund. Please support the many hundreds of local LGBTQ+ people who benefit from the grants by donating today. Thank you.

To donate £5 Text 5PRIDE to 70085

To donate £10 text 10PRIDE to 70085

Or donate online here


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