PRS M Magazine : Horse Meat Disco Interview

Eleven years ago I reviewed a debut disco compilation on Strut Records for DJ Magazine that would go on to become legendary – unicorns and all. Since then I’ve become lucky enough to call Horse Meat Disco part of the family – friends of Dorothy who always bring the disco, the compilations, the radio shows and the hands in the air moments of heaven. Coming full circle and interviewing Luke Howard and James Hillard about their debut artist album Love And Dancing for PRS for Music M Magazine this month proved to be the perfect lockdown detour as I attempted to get my head around time away from our beloved dancefloors. A detour Ms Young would be proud of, as HMD proudly bring a message of hope and unity to the people in these strange times. So here are some words with the boys for your enjoyment. May it fill your souls with glitter until we disco again.

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