Lewes Depot QueerFest

Queer cinema has always lit the way for this dramatic soul. The films watched with adolescent blushes as I hoped my mother wouldn’t note my interest in the lives of Oscar, Orton, Arnold, Quentin, or Maurice doing their queer thing on our Radio Rental. The unbridled joy of digging into Go Fish or the heat of Desert Hearts as I worked out my passions in … Continue reading Lewes Depot QueerFest

Risen 2023

30 years since we started our disco story together and still nothing beats the thrill of seeing our name on a festival line-up, And Risen 2023 is some line-up, delivering the most incredible line-up celebrating the divine feminine, an exercise in love vibration. Sounds from across the genre spectrum – bass, garage, disco, house and techno – will fill the dancefloors of London’s Colour Factory, … Continue reading Risen 2023

Patterns NYE w/ Midland & Manami

This. Just this. Midland* in the rave cave downstairs. With Manami, Kilig & Osmaan. Nice. Plus two disco queers called Wildblood and Queenie warming upstairs all deep disco like before Changing Currents delivers the midnight thrills. NYE’22 at Patterns. Just how we like it. *Cosy knitwear optional. Maybe. NYE at Patterns w/ Midland & Manami 31.12.22 10 Marine Parade Brighton Tickets Continue reading Patterns NYE w/ Midland & Manami

Traumfrau’s New Year’s Revolutions

Always a pleasure, forever a Brighton treasure, the queerest way to spend NYE returns and we can’t wait to join our Traumfrau fam on the dancefloor. Saving our world one fabulous dancefloor strut at a time. For tickets and more info (including an amazing new neurodivergent space that this autistic DJ can’t stop grinning about) click here. See you on planet love. Traumfrau’s New Year’s Revolution Saturday … Continue reading Traumfrau’s New Year’s Revolutions

Wildblood and Queenie’s Winter Warmers

As essential as mittens on elastic, Wildblood and Queenie promise to keep your December toasty with a selection of winter warmers. Expect disco delights and corking classics as we continue to do our thing – all queer-like. Catch us a Patterns, Horse Meat Disco. Brighton Beach House, 1BTN radio, Coopers Cask and two out-of-this-world NYE celebrations with Midland at Patterns and Traunfrau at Ironworks. So … Continue reading Wildblood and Queenie’s Winter Warmers

Something for the weekend?

Back in the day, I wore Docs to DJ. Today it’s all sensible shoes and a slightly less sensible disco partner. Join Queenie and me this weekend as we keep the soul disco and the sound sassy. All saucy-like. Saturday Brunch Fever Patterns 11.30-3 Sunday Brighton Beach House 4-10 Book and more info here Continue reading Something for the weekend?

Listen again: 041122 1BTN

The latest Wildblood and Queenie Show is now available on those streaming wotsit sites. How marvellous. Join us as we steer a little off the disco course on the good ship 1BTN as we deliver a session of dancing one’s bits off. Well, those headlines need blowing away and we have just the distraction for you with a fine selection of disco, house and a … Continue reading Listen again: 041122 1BTN

Patterns Saturday Brunch Fever

Nobody does it better, with more swag or with a better soundtrack. Patterns infamous Bottomless Brunch, the one and only Saturday Brunch Fever is winning friends and influencing weekends the best way it can. With bottomless Prosecco, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, beer or cider, bottomless Cutting Shapes pizza and bottomless disco. With grins guaranteed and disco wiggles essential you need to do the right thing. You … Continue reading Patterns Saturday Brunch Fever

Listen again: The Wildblood and Queenie Show 160922

Back from the land of Tunnock and it would seem we have a little catching up to do with our housework. Or should that be disco work? Either way, you’ll find our latest 1BTN show on the streaming sites of joy. Where else would they be? Disco grooves and grooves of a disco kind. Plus a detour or two as we delve into the tunes … Continue reading Listen again: The Wildblood and Queenie Show 160922

Listening Bar: Wildblood & Queenie

Once in the DJ booth at Patterns, Queenie and I are always overtaken by involuntary arm movements, the so-called Hands-In-The-Air-Like-You-Just-Don’t-Care syndrome (also known as Patternsarmus). We have been living with the condition since we first walked through the rotating doors of the 10 Marine Parade many, many years ago. (See below). Decades have passed, and the condition’s name has changed (oh those Audiomelodia and Escapeascensio … Continue reading Listening Bar: Wildblood & Queenie