It’s A Sin

Watching It’s A Sin and the tears are falling harder than I thought they ever would.

Tears for Colin, for Gloria, for the mothers and the sisters, the best friends. Tears for us, tears for me. Tears for a generation raised with shame, tears for a baby dyke fearful of her future, terrified of coming out as a teenager, of the headlines and column inches that condemned her kind to hell. A baby dyke in ’91 determined to fight for health care for the gay boys she loved, for equal rights for the only community that truly accepted her.

30 years on and the pain of those years is still deep. Scars impossible to heal after all those years of being told what we felt was a sin when all it ever was was love. Love. Love for who we are and the LGBTQI+ community we have become. Love that eventually would win.

Thank you Russell. I needed that, we needed that and most importantly those who condemned us because of who we love needed that.


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