Patterns Brighton Summer 2021

It’s finally coming. After over 14 months away from the dance floor the disco is returning to our favourite Brighton temple of love. That building we call home, the family it holds and the clubbers that make us grin are on their way back to life. Yes, Brighton’s Patterns nightclub is reopening its doors and we can almost taste it (a combination of glorious cocktails, hand sanitiser and lots of dance floor sweat, mmm, our favourite!).

It’s been almost 30 years since we started DJIng together and yet still nothing makes us prouder than joining the list of local heroes and must-hear guests in Patterns rave cave, the sunshine terrace or bar. Believe us when we say after this lockdown, after being without you, our dear disco family for so long, never has the words resident DJs sound so sweet to us as they do right now. So come join some seriously overexcited DJs, promoters, artists, bar staff, designers, sound techs, lighting folks, security, and management as we raise our hands in the air together with you and shout hallelujah, finally, it’s time to fucking disco again!

For further info on Patterns Summer 2021 plans and to book your tickets click here


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