Patterns w/ Daisha 170721

Whenever the stars align and we are blessed enough to join Brighton’s DJ Daisha on the Pride terrace decks it is always a very special one, so imagine our delight when she asked us to join her for Daisha Invites – tonight Upstairs in Patterns’ Listening Bar. Grins and goosebumps incoming! One of Brighton’s most wonderful of DJ talents Daisha has always wowed us but those wows were extra loud and proud this June when she joined the amazing DJ Faro for We Out There Festival live stream delivering, well, a festival of joy as they brought their classy vibes to Pattern’s Rave Cave. It confirmed the admiration we’ve always had for Ms D and we just can’t wait to become we – just for one night. So you know what to do as we finish these strange days of distanced socials, join us and let’s do our Saturday night right one last time. All Daisha and disco and delicious. Like we do.

Daisha Invites w/ Wildblood and Queenie : Listening Bar at Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. Saturday 17th July 7pm-late. Free entry. Booking advised but walk-ins welcome. More info and bookings here


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