Horse Meat Disco x Patterns 231021

Forever the enthusiastic ushers, never the bridesmaids, we’ve always been the disco lovers in love with Horse Meat Disco. From that first review written in DJ Magazine for their compilation on Strut in 2009, via our on-air long-playing love affair on 1BTN to being evangelistic dance floor devotees to the DJs delivering the goods upstairs at Patterns, we’ve always had Horse Meat Disco’s sequinned back. How could we not? But now after many years of waiting, we are finally warming up for our disco darlings this Saturday night at Patterns. The gig it took a small matter of a pandemic to try and stop is finally back on track and we couldn’t be more delighted. No more detours, this time it is for real, Horse Meat Disco are in the Rave Cave at Patterns and we dear reader are warming up the glittering proceedings. At last, as Etta once sang, together we are all going to be stars, as Sylvester would no doubt have sung. So for those of you with tickets to this sold-out wonder we’ve waited so long to be part of, we salute you. The disco, like our excitement, is gonna be next level. See you at the front.

Horse Meat Disco x Patterns, Saturday 23rd October 11pm-4am DJs Horse Meat Disco, Baloo, Wildblood & Queenie (club) and Chris Headcount Invites (listening bar). 10 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL. For more info and to join waiting list click here


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