1BTN Halloween Party

1BTN return to the Rialto Theatre on the 29th of October and feeling the need to give something back to our friends and family, they thought they would throw a free party! It’s Halloween too, so channel your inner vampire, goblin, ghoul, zombie thing and go mental with the blood and gore! It’s optional the fancy dress thing, so do what makes you happy. If you want to stay mortal then that’s cool. Just watch one of the others don’t bite your face off!

Also, isn’t it just a great thing that on the same date as the 1BTN party the inimitable old ravers that are, Dom Peers – celebrating his half-century – and Al Mackenzie – celebrating god only knows what – are going to join us to commemorate their Earth Day, in one massive big pool of *middle-aged messiness!* Younger people are allowed to come too ; )

If that exhilarating anticipation wasn’t palpable enough, then check this lineup out! (watch your blood pressure now)

Al Mackenzie
Craig Bratley
Gordon Kaye

Feel Up w/ Kerry Jean Lister ft. Anya Lux, DJ Emma, Martha, Wildblood & Queenie.

Did we mention it is free? IT’S FREE!
Get your backsides there nice and early to avoid disappointment. Gifts welcome.

1BTN Halloween Party Friday 29th October Rialto Theatre, Dyke Road, Brighton 9pm-4am.


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