Ant C’s Northdown Nights on Margate Radio

Really disco thrilled to announce we are making our Margate Radio debut this Saturday and joining the legendary Ant Carrington (LIFE (Love Is For Everybody) / Tusk/ Margate Pride / Queer Neon) for his glorious Ant C – Northdown Nights show.

Join us as we deliver an exclusive mini-mix, chat about nearing 30 years of Wildblood and Queenie and choose the favourite musical moments of our lives. Or as Ant himself puts it “We will be talking about their backstory, most memorable moments, diversity in lineups, coastal living and their love for their community radio station, 1BTN. They’ve also made a 30-minute mix for the show’. So there you have it – two old disco dears who should know better by now doing their thing for Margate Radio. How marvellous!

Saturday 13th November 9pm-11pm

Original photo credit: Hannah Sherlock


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