1BTN’s End Of Year Charts 2021

It’s that time of year us music geeks love the best. It’s Best Of Year Chart time. And of course, with Ian Lawton at the helm, the good ship 1BTN has docked some right bobby dazzlers in theirs as presenters from across the genres fight it out to land their favoured ones a place in 1BTN’s annual End Of Year Charts. Needless to say the resulting 2021 albums, tracks, reissues, compilations and labels selected are dead sound with enough old friends, new discoveries and sweet surprises to keep you entertained until, well, those Best Of Year Charts Of 2022. To paraphrase a certain Mr Freak Power, it’s time to turn on, tune in and realise yet again why we love this radio station so many call home so very much.

Check out 1BTN’s Best of 2021 here

And for the record – because like every DJ we know, we just luuuuurve a list here’s our personal Best Of 2021. In a definite particular order.


Elvin T – Get Close – Regraded Records

Boogietraxx / T. Sounds – Southbrough ’06 – theBasementDiscos

The Juan Maclean – Leave You When You can – Me Me Me 


Roisin Murphy – Crooked Machine – Skint Records

Hannah Holland – Tectonic – Prah

Sualt – Nine – Forever Living Originals 


Tom Moulton – Spring Event – Jamies


Donna Summer – The Wanderer – Casablanca

Label of the year

Skint Records 


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