Queer History Club (Bing!) Vol #2 w/ Wildblood and Queenie

Thirty years ago a club night called Shameless Hussies completely changed my life. It brought me love, community and a thing called house music. Less Jack more Jo, Shameless Hussies marked the moment I moved my vinyl addiction from the bedroom to the dancefloor and together with Tiz, Melissa, Queenie, Meech, the Venus Rising queens and the campaigning wonders Lesbian Strength, help create a moment of dancefloor equality in Brighton, complete with darkroom, DIY decor and banging bongos. Oh, those bongos!

So it with proud goosebumps Queenie and I are thrilled to announce we will be doing our Shameless thing at Brighton’s Queer History Club (Bing!) Vol #2 on January 30th. 50% History Talk – 50% Night Club – 100% Queer Heritage Fun! Join us as we share how that promise of banging bongos was the beginning of a 29-year disco partnership both on and off the dance floor. Proud, fruity, majestic and always Brighton’s Housewife’s Choice, come hear us spin a tale of late nights, sticky creations, divine cowbells and the many, many nightclub wonders we’ve met along the way. Proud Powerpoint presentation a distinct possibility, DJ set comprising of Shameless Hussies and Housewife’s Choice anthems a definite.

Queer Heritage South presents Queer History Club (Bing!) Vol #2 w/ Wildblood and Queenie & REALBrighton’s Sam Milford & Alf Le Flohic. Sunday 30th January 16:30-20:00 at 30 Ironworks, Cheapside, Brighton. Tickets and more info here Tickets for this event are on a sliding scale! Make sure you grab one before they’re gone.

To ensure everyone’s safety at the event, Queer In Brighton ask that you are able to demonstrate one of the following:
– proof of double/triple vaccination
– negative lateral flow taken within 24 hours
– proof of immunity due to positive PCR test within last 180 days


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