Wildblood and Queenie’s Shameless Housewife’s 1BTN Special 210122

We did that thing all DJs of a certain age like to do. Go back, go way back and celebrate the reason we two are, well, we two. So grab a drink, squeeze into your 90s outfit and come hang with us as we celebrate the soundtracks of those Shameless Hussies! Nothing but a splendid selection of Housewife’s Choice choons awaits you dear listener as we bring the house vibes of 89-95 back to the future on 1BTN. Or something like that. We are getting on a bit now. Stream now on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

Part of a Queer Heritage South’s Queer History Club(bing)! Volume #2 50% History 50% Clubbing 100% fun! Sunday 30th January 4pm Ironworks Studio, Cheapside, Brighton. Tickets and more info here


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