Birthday fundraiser for Choose Love

Over the next two weeks for my birthday this year, I’m asking for donations to Choose Love. 2022 and people are fleeing wars and conflicts across the globe including Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar and of course Ukraine. Choose Love works to help those refugees and bring hope, support, essential supplies and, yes, love to their darkest of days. Any donation you can make will help them help those fleeing the horrors of war, persecution and conflict. Thank you for doing so.

Choose Love / Help Refugees supports the heroes stepping up to help refugees around the world. These are the groups keeping the rescue boats afloat, the volunteers distributing tents and hot food, and the brave souls working under the desert sun to place water along the Mexican border. We also help those working to build a brighter future – the teachers working with students to build prosthetic limbs, the therapists helping heal the invisible scars of war, and the lawyers working to reunite families. Now, faced with COVID-19, the need we face is greater than ever. Our partners are working hard to keep refugees out of harm’s way, whilst providing the essential services people need to survive. Your support makes everything that we do possible. If you can, please choose love and join us. Visit us at and

Facebook pays all the processing fees, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity

To donate today please click here


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