Listen again: 1BTN IWD Takeover 080322

Bringing together the voices of the divas that lit the way for us back in the day our International Women’s Day 1BTN Takeover Show was a delight, filled with the joys of sisterhood as we celebrated the souls that saved us. Be they sampled to heaven and back, our forever heroines or queer icons that showed us everything was gonna be okay we marvelled at the wonders one wonderful track at a time. And alongside 1BTN’s incredible line of female and non-binary talent, we danced until we could dance no more. It was one of those days, those very special radio days, that will live forever in our memory banks. And streaming services. Which is handy. Because every show broadcast as part of 1BTN’s IWD 22 Takeover was a beaut you need to listen to over and over again.

So listen again, like, love, share and if you can, donate to Rise Brighton our charitable partner on IWD. Working and dancing together to keep each other safe and sound. Just how it should be. Big love especially to the amazing Kerry Jean Lister, Clara Suess, Hannah Sherlock and the many shining souls who made 1BTN’s IWD Takeover 2022 so magnificent. Same time next year lovelies?


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