Patterns Brighton Q2 2022

Who’d of thought the Essex kid whose only dream was becoming Class 6 Record Player Monitor at Frinton Primary would still be playing tunes over forty years later? And most of those in a building we call 10 Marine Parade, we call Patterns, we call home. So yet again the seasons continue and Queenie and I are blessed to join Patterns Q2 2022 line-up of parties that are, well, as sweet as my frock. Nothing but 100% vibes. Which has to be better than the 100% flammable polyester threads I once played in.

Thanks and love to the Patterns fam, guests, resident DJs and clubbers for keeping this disco kid grinning, regardless of my choice of floral outfit. For tickets and info click here. See you at the front.

Patterns, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TL.

Artwork by Oscars.Online 🙏 Luke Fono

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