Wildblood and Queenie’s Queer Wedding 1997

Wildblood and Queenie’s Queer Wedding – the illegal one in 1997. You know – the one where we had to make it all up, Sarah officiated, China was our bridesmaid, Wes and Christy our best men and our stepdad Joseph our videographer – alongside photographer Aaron. Readings were given by Helene and Clare, and the garden was decorated by Sade and Aaron. Meech babysat the ever-glorious Matilda and Janet ensured we all got some pop. Christopher struck a pose. We ended up at Melissa’s place for drinking and dancing and striking more poses– and Janice’s homemade cheese straws. Our budget was low, but our hearts were flying high.

We may have had to make it up in 1997 but don’t worry we got there in the end. With our glorious civil partnership and celebration at Audio (now Patterns) Brighton in 2008 and our wedding ‘conversion’ certificate in 2015. All delivered with love by Mr Trevor Love. As it should be. It took a while to protest and campaign our way to marriage equality, but we did it. Together. The LGBTQI+ community. Together. Now all we need to fight for legal recognition of non-binary people and their partnerships. Oh and a ban on conversion therapy for trans people. Oh, and true equality at work, in education, in housing services, in our health care system and in law. For all. For once and for all. Wildblood and Queenie. United by a love of each other and disco strings. Like we do.

To talk all things queer and historical contact us today. Available for LGBTQ+ History talks, interviews and presentations.


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