Listen again: 1BTN Patrick Adams Special 150722

It’s not often that we dedicate a three-hour show to one artist but when the passing of Patrick Adams was announced as queer DJs we had no choice. The Tribute had to be made. I mean he was one of the LGBTQI+ community’s divine dons, delivering majestic moments over and over again as he provided a soundtrack to the dancefloors that first opened his eyes to the joy of disco. From Guardian Angels, Phreeks and Inner Life joy, Adams had us Hunchin’ All Night, as we dance, dance, dance, doing the thing that we hoped would last forever. From Donna McGhee to Marta Acuna, Jocelyn Brown to The Salsoul Orchestra, Cloud One to Mustique, Rainbow Brown to Catherine Miller and oh so many more, Patrick Adams brought to our lives a love for strung disco, soaring strings and epic vocals of heartbreak, love lost and love won – diva style. He is one of the mainline reasons we love the glittering genre and paying tribute to him on 1BTN was a dance we had to take. Rest in peace dear sir, you made the world sound better. You made the moments of our life.

The Wildblood and Queenie Show Patrick Adams Special is available now on Mixcloud and Soundcloud

Tune in to the Wildblood and Queenie Show on 1BTN 1st & 3rd Friday 14:00-17:00 101.4FM DAB+ If you like a lot of disco on your biscuit, join our club.


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