Where Love Lives for sure

Well, that was a beaut of a weekend. 1BTN and our extended family opened their arms to a bunch of delights determined to dance, dance, dance the nights away at Where Love Lives. Love as always to Mickey, Matthew, Chewy, Ben and the 1BTN firm who keep the dream alive and sounding sweet. Love too heading towards the Chris and Matt and The Chill Out Tent crew – who knew this cynic would love DJing after a little gong yoga. Love of the listening kind to each and every DJ who knocked it out of the fields and kept my hips shaking (or shuffling depending on the hour) all weekend. Special mention must go to the award-winning Dan Tester – never has so many wiggles been delivered for so long!

And of course, even more love of the loved-up kind to the souls who made this my first sober festival a high-flying joy I thought was long gone. Your disco devotion was everything. That Smalltown Boy moment is one I’ll always cherish. Putting names to faces, dances to darlings, hugs to loved ones. It was beautiful. You made my soul grin and my Queen giggle. Thank you. Love ya. Now just do I get through the next few days without the sound of zips zipping at 6am launching Josephine into hysterics?

Where Love Lives. Follow them on Instagram and be the first to head Where Love Lives come 2023.

Video by Tim Walker. Photo by Hannah Sherlock


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