Trans Pride Brighton 2022

Trans Pride Brighton 2022 was everything. Supporting our trans and non-binary family. Being there like they have been for us as our LGBTQI+ family fought for equality over the decades. Feeling at home with my queer neurodivergent community. Forming alliances for real change. Reunited with old friends and making new ones. Being inspired by the next generation of queers, fizzing with anger and passion determined to take on the TERFS, Tories and bigots out to destroy their chance of being their true selves. The campaigners, the archivists, the performers, and the oh so proud parents and grandparents. The 20,000 protesting souls set up demanding their right to be. The Traumfrau creatives creating spaces we all need. And of course, our Queenie, fangirling over the Whippets FC queen. Quite the day, quite the feeling, quite the way to finally feel at home. Thank you to everyone who made it so.

Head over to Trans Pride today to pledge your support and make a donation.


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