Listening Bar: Wildblood & Queenie

Once in the DJ booth at Patterns, Queenie and I are always overtaken by involuntary arm movements, the so-called Hands-In-The-Air-Like-You-Just-Don’t-Care syndrome (also known as Patternsarmus). We have been living with the condition since we first walked through the rotating doors of the 10 Marine Parade many, many years ago. (See below). Decades have passed, and the condition’s name has changed (oh those Audiomelodia and Escapeascensio years!) but regardless of the diagnosis, we continue to happily live with the morning-after ache of another of those special hands-in-the-air nights at Patterns.

So join us this Friday as we arm ourselves for an exclusive 6-hour set at Patterns Listening Bar filled with disco, nu-disco, disco-infused house and more disco. Hands in the air are obligatory. In a vibey Friday night Listening Bar disco collective connection kinda way.

Wildblood and Queenie Listening Bar at Patterns 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. 18:00-00:00 16.09 Free entry all night. Pizza, cocktails, disco. 🍕🍸🕺💃🏻 Did I mention there would be hands-in-the-air disco?


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