A 1992 Record Box

Found my first DJ record box in the loft today. 1992 and all that. An old typewriter box my few precious 12” just about squeezed into. Remember taking it with me to play at my first Brighton Pride gig – providing a soundtrack for a bar on Preston Park. Playing disco to one queer and their dog when my DJ heroine Vicky Edwards from Venus Rising walked in. First of many gig blushes. First of many.

Back then I followed the best bit of advice I had as a DJ. Don’t bother about buying the right decks or mixers. Just buy tunes. Just keep buying tunes. You were right @djchriscoco You were right. I still have the tunes. I still have the memories. I still have the grin. A big fucking grin. And I still have the box. Thanks for being part of making it so first record box from 1992. Thank you.

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