Brighton Pride Parade DJ’s anyone?

So 2023 is Wildblood and Queenie’s 30th anniversary. Blimey, missus! We intend to fill it with dancing, prancing, and playing at gigs and festivals we’ve never DJ’d before alongside our beloved residencies. First up, and we can’t believe we’re even typing this, is the Brighton & Hove Pride Parade on 5th August 2023. We’ve never actually DJ’d on the Pride Community Parade before and fancy making tens of thousands of people ask “erm, who are the old dears??!!” So who would like Wildblood and Queenie to do our disco thing on their Brighton Pride float? Contact us with suggestions and connections. All we require is shade, water, love, a menopause-friendly electric fan and good times. DJ fee donated to The Rainbow Fund. Obvs.

Next up on our 2033 fundraising to-do list. Festival bookings…

To book Wildblood and Queenie for your Brighton Pride Parade float click here


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