Chris & Dom’s Sunday Almanac w/Wildblood & Queenie

1977 and in alternative universe a lass called Carly was wondering where to go next. How to bond to the Billboard 100 and move on from the vain one. I like to think she wandered in a pub in Kemptown, that she got to spend some time with two wonders called Chris and Dom, danced with the St George’s Sunday saucepots and came home aglow. Lyrics waiting to spill as she bothered Brocolli with the double O number one they needed. She knew, just like Queenie and I knew, that nobody does it better.

In this lifetime Carly would never ask why you would need to add a little Chris & Dom’s Sunday Almanac magic to your life. She’d just rock up ready for one of those Sunday afternoon, dancing on the tables pub sessions everyone needs in their life. After all, nobody does it better.

Chris & Dom’s Sunday Alamanac w/ Wildblood and Queenie March 26th 14:00-19:00 St Georges Inn, Sudeley Street, Brighton BN2 1HE. See you at the front. Join the fam at Chris & Dom’s Record Box on Facebook


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