Wildblood and Queenie present 30/60

Join Brighton’s queerest disco dears DJs Wildblood and Queenie this Bank Holiday Sunday at Patterns for a celebration three decades in the making, a celebration for 60 years, a celebration for love. Yes, the party one autistic soul has been overthinking forever and the other trying to ignore is incoming. Finally. 30 years of us, 60 years of Queenie.

30 years ago Queenie called Kate and asked if she and Meesh Mash could come play bongos in their club Shameless Hussies. The response was positive, the meeting saucy, the outcome obvious. Love won. Eventually. A thirty year partnership in clubland began. Shameless Hussies, Housewife’s Choice, DJ Magazine, Candy Bar, Wild Fruit, Brighton Pride, Queer Nation, Gay Times, Sunday Sundae, Audio, Patterns, DSD, Monkey, Electronic Disco, Rebel, Diva Magazine, Secret Disco, Radio Reverb, Majesty, 1BTN, Club Barbra, Traumfrau, GScene, Horse Meat Disco, Risen, Camp Bliss, LITM – the list, like the love, goes on. It’s been a ball, a shining glittering disco ball. Three decades together hasn’t always been the easiest of rides. Autism, ADHD, mental health and addiction playing their part. Long-term life isn’t always an Instagram moment but our disco family has always had our back.  The DJs, the promoters, the bar staff, the tech, the clubbers. Each has brought a grin to our lives we’ll forever treasure. 30/60 will be a celebration of our love affair with our disco community, one tune at a time.

Coming to you from Patterns, the building at the heart of our disco life, 30/60 will be a Bank Holiday Sunday session with a (insert suitable collective noun here) of DJs reflecting the many, many, many years of good times we’ve had behind the decks, in clubland and on the airwaves. With this line-up, we just know the party will be had (HRT permitting). From Wild Fruit to Sunday Sundae, The Zap to 1BTN, Brighton Pride to pub dancing, rave caves to cobbles, beachside terraces to 10 Marine Parade, salty arches to muddy fields, and radio bunkers to Fruity big tops, we intend to salute the soundtracks and honour the disco darlings who made our 30 years together dancing and prancing with you so special.

DJs (A-Z) Affy Go Bang (Faith) – Ben GC (South of Houston) – Chris & Dom (Sunday Almanac) – DJ ???? (TBA) – Daisha (Patterns) – Hannah Sherlock (LITM) – Helene Stokes (Seven Sins) – Leggy Reggae (1BTN) – Meesh Mash (Housewife’s Choice) – Paul Heron (Wild Fruit) – Sophie Paul (GOTI) – Suze Rosser (Bitch, Please!) – Wildblood and Queenie (Sunday Sundae)

File under: disco – house – reggae – electronica – Balearic – easy queens – anthems – Kieran singalongs

Wildblood and Queenie present 30/6030 years of Wildblood and Queenie plus 60 years a Queen(ie). Bank Holiday Sunday 30th April 2023 15:00-02:00. Patterns 10 Marine Parade Brighton BN2 1TL Free entry all night – donations welcome Fundraising for Pedal People and The Ledward Centre Donate here

30/60 is a fundraiser for Pedal People and The Ledward Centre – reflecting our wish to say thanks to two wonders of Brighton LGBTQ+ community who played such a pivotal role in our lives, James Ledward (GScene) and Freddie Bateman (Scene 22). All our DJs are giving their time for free so we can raise as much money as possible for these two amazing charities. Please do give what you can.

Donations and more info here


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