Jack’s Sensational live at Brighton Top Rank 1990

Jack’s Sensational performed live at Top Rank Brighton 1990

A few words from Queenie “By the spring of 1990 Nick Goddard and I had undergone several band incarnations from the early 80s jazzy pop of Queue Dance to the indie/dance crossover of The Crisps. Eventually this led to the hi-energy bounce of Jack, seen here performing Sssensational at The Top Rank Suite in Brighton”.

“The single was released on Tosh Records in 1990 and reached the lower end of the Top 100 that summer following our stint on the 25 Years Of Top Of The Pops tour with Anthea Turner and Mark Goodier (along with such luminaries as Lisa Stansfield and Aswad) and many many other PAs all over England, Scotland and Wales. Most of these were in nightclubs fuelled by copious amounts of beer. This one in Brighton, however, was for an under 18s crowd and therefore far more wholesome(!?!?). It was one of the few appearances where we managed to have a stampede for autographs at the end of our performance that’s for sure (although I had several extremely naughty proposals elsewhere – particularly in Glasgow for some reason)”.

“As Tosh Records was a label from Brighton the top two guys were present – Dave Scott and Rob Kennett (also writers of Sssensational) along with our manager at the time former executive producer at Radio One Dave Atkey and his wife Jan, as well as our ever present roadie Ross (last name a mystery). Loitering in the background hoping I wouldn’t have any clumsy trip over calamities are Michele Allardyce and Sarah Jackson”.

“This was possibly one of the last events at the Top Rank on West Street in Brighton as later in 1990 it re-emerged as The Event. But it was definitely one of our more memorable appearances given the enthusiasm of the crowd (and the ‘compere’) so we didn’t really notice that the place probably needed a hefty revamp!”

Jack made waves from 1988 to 1990 as Queen Josephine aka Jo Bourne joined forces with her fellow Queue Dance wonder Nick Goddard once more for the single release SSSensational b/w Building Bridges on Tosh Records in 1989. Jack appeared as resident band on the 25 Years of Top Of The Pops tour across the UK in 1989 along with hosts Anthea Turner and Mark Goodier and guests including Lisa Stansfield, Ruby Turner, Aswad, The Housemartins, Roy Wood and Maxi Priest. Oh and when she wasn’t singing and songwriting for Jack, Queenie was producing their artwork.

Purchase your copy on Bandcamp https://queenjosephine.bandcamp.com/ Remember kids, home taping kills music

Jack – Sensational 7″ – The Tosh Music Organisation – Brighton – 1990

Engineered by Keff McCullock ©Josephine Bourne/Nick Goddard


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