30 Years of Love

30 years ago today I kissed you. 30 years ago my heart jumped, my pants sang and my life changed. It would take a while, to get where we needed to be, the kisses fleeting, the love growing but we would get there. Eventually. Flirts became foundations, promise a reality as me and my queen consorted together.

It’s had its moments of strife dear wife, it’s had its days to forget, it’s had its heartache. But we did it, missus. We got here. Love got us here. Our differences our strength, your love my anchor. You are my everything, my best friend, my sweetpea, my late-night losing laughing bestie, my lover, my disco queen. You are the love of my life and you make a banging dahl! Out of my league, I’ve so lucked out with you my darling. 30 years my Josephine.

I’ll never stop saying it. I’ll never stop feeling it. I love you Queenie. I love you.


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