Risen Festival We Love You

Risen was one of those days I’ll always hold close and treasure. Love as heartfelt as the reunions, thrills as exciting as the new connections made. It was a slice of festival heaven Queenie and I were so proud to play our part in. Thank you to Kitty Bartlett and Alice J Franklin for making it so. And to Abiagail Anna Polyamoross Heléna Star Michelle … Continue reading Risen Festival We Love You

We Are Love festival July 28th-30th 2023

Tonight Matthew we are going to be We Are Love. Yes, you know what it’s like. You like the fit, you like the look, you love the feel but the name just isn’t quite you. Time to get direct. Time to say it how it is. Time to shout from the rooftops. We Are Love. So it turns out 1BTN are pretty good at this … Continue reading We Are Love festival July 28th-30th 2023

Lewes Depot QueerFest

Queer cinema has always lit the way for this dramatic soul. The films watched with adolescent blushes as I hoped my mother wouldn’t note my interest in the lives of Oscar, Orton, Arnold, Quentin, or Maurice doing their queer thing on our Radio Rental. The unbridled joy of digging into Go Fish or the heat of Desert Hearts as I worked out my passions in … Continue reading Lewes Depot QueerFest

Risen 2023

30 years since we started our disco story together and still nothing beats the thrill of seeing our name on a festival line-up, And Risen 2023 is some line-up, delivering the most incredible line-up celebrating the divine feminine, an exercise in love vibration. Sounds from across the genre spectrum – bass, garage, disco, house and techno – will fill the dancefloors of London’s Colour Factory, … Continue reading Risen 2023

We found magic at Camp Bliss

What can we say other than that was blissful? Truly blissful. It’s rare to find as much joy in one place as we did this weekend at Camp Bliss and we want to thank everyone who made it so. Anthony Prior, Mark Slade and the Camp Bliss team – legendary status now secured as far as these two disco queers are concerned. Hannah Sherlock, Tim … Continue reading We found magic at Camp Bliss

Where Love Lives for sure

Well, that was a beaut of a weekend. 1BTN and our extended family opened their arms to a bunch of delights determined to dance, dance, dance the nights away at Where Love Lives. Love as always to Mickey, Matthew, Chewy, Ben and the 1BTN firm who keep the dream alive and sounding sweet. Love too heading towards the Chris and Matt and The Chill Out … Continue reading Where Love Lives for sure

Patterns Does Pride 2022

Locked down and away from our LGBTQI+ community during 2020 was one of the strangest things I’ve experienced. Lost at sea, the Pride anchor to my year cut loose as my much-cherished connection to our LGBTQI+ nightclubbing community vanished overnight. Dusty bass bins and discarded decks and no hope of reuniting on the dancefloor. Sure we zoomed and timed our faces at each other but … Continue reading Patterns Does Pride 2022

Where Love Lives 2022 Line Up

Still, need convincing that a weekend spent with the 1BTN family at Where Love Lives is where you need to be on 22nd-24th July 2022? Maybe this lineup of DJ wonders will edge you towards purchasing the last few tickets. But if the thought of dancing with The Illustrious Blacks, Nick The Record, Dom Servini, Terry Francis & Stu Patterson (Faith), Nancy Noise, Jayne Winstanley, … Continue reading Where Love Lives 2022 Line Up