Chris’s Birthday Almanac

Nothing makes me happier than pub dancing with the finest. And if it happens to be with some of you newest, soundest sweethearts washed with a soundscape of pub anthems, queer wonders, disco delights and bugger me electronica then we’re in. See you on the tables. Chris’ 60th Birthday Almanac, St George’s Inn, Sudeley St, Brighton. 6pm-close Continue reading Chris’s Birthday Almanac

Patterns w/ Daisha 170721

Whenever the stars align and we are blessed enough to join Brighton’s DJ Daisha on the Pride terrace decks it is always a very special one, so imagine our delight when she asked us to join her for Daisha Invites – tonight Upstairs in Patterns’ Listening Bar. Grins and goosebumps incoming! One of Brighton’s most wonderful of DJ talents Daisha has always wowed us but … Continue reading Patterns w/ Daisha 170721

Listen Again: 1BTN Best of 2020 Pt2

In the end, there was no question about it. We just knew. Our best of best of best of 2020 was all about the tunes that made our year sound, that gave us hope. It was all about the tunes that soundtracked those disco moments we thought we’d never appreciate so much. Dancing in the garden, losing in the kitchen, staying in the car once … Continue reading Listen Again: 1BTN Best of 2020 Pt2