Crash, bang, whallop what a year!

So here we go – skidding, sliding and sleighing our way out of another sound year. A year full of surprises, wonders, the odd disappointment and plenty of Radio Jo. Every Xmas I’ve hit in the past 17 years I’ve faced the same wonderful dilemma – what to get the missus this time? Should the gift reflect the love, the laughs or the lust? Just how to do I tickled pink the missus all noel like without reverting to the married stereotypes. (Mind you I’m still loving the B&D workmate). Whatever gift genre I go for, I like to hope I’ve succeeded each year, depending on the audience watching as she opens her festive package but there is one there is one gift that always works. (And no it doesn’t come from the ever tasteful West Ham catalogue).

It’s the photos that win it. Sweet reflections on a sweet year, accompanied always with a decent soundtrack, that capture everything I wanna say. 2010 is no different, every wonder is there. Shared or supported she (and you) make it so. From QJ’s DSD debut to her dirty late night beats over Pride, the grin on the missus’ (late and rushed) but happy mush as she played the Sundae Pride terrace B2B with Chris, to our sandy moments in Ibiza, ping pong and all. That Pride weather forecast, our shared World Cup despair, the Hubbell love, the genius of our Madgeness and the wonder of Mr Mo. Queenie’s home grown vegetable triumphs and those unforgettable afters in our hubbies kitchen. Tales of bathing late (and waterless) at Helene’s, gadding in my favourite garden, watching the little ones becomes teens of exception and loving them even more than before, making new mates and loving the old ones, keeping it disco at Vintage and loving the glamour Helene, HMD, Jeffery, Julia and Maz delivered.

Celebrating a Golden Bourne marriage, keeping it family and fruity far too late at night and saying farewell to Sundae with a tear in my eye. Tutting with disgust as I (and so many) were ConDemed to a unfair future whilst I started a journey of books and learning that only Queenie could of made possible. Pissing off the neighbours with far too many decent tunes to mention and wondering who thought Eastbourne was a good idea. Explaining the eyeful that was Jeff Koons at the Tate Modern to my Ma, digging a certain Miss Favouritizm taste in tunes and feeling the Big Love. Appreciating Ant’s grooving, admiring the Duffie and giggling with Wayne, surviving the builders and saying hello to baby Charlie. Loving Brighter Days, You’ve Been Papped (RIP), bringing the beats Together, surviving City College (whallop!) thanx to some sound lads, getting Forde-d with style and and witnessing Christy hit the big 18. Admiring Sean’s booties whilst Prok, Fitch, Haji, Tony, Audio, Guy, Dave, Lady Bex, Becca, Linzi, James, Sean, Chrissy, Mikalis, Chris, Nick, Dolly, Jonny, Linda, Charlie, Vicki and Paul made our Pride weekend.

Yes I lapped up the Duck Sauce, staggered along too many walks of shame and wondered if one can ever eat too many homegrown courgettes but 2010 was truly vintage. From the fluffy to the fruity via the late nights and random moments I had a ball. Be the whispers sweet or the bass loud, this was a year of change and downright chuffness I’ll not forget. Thank you all for making it so. And thank you Queenie. You know why. xxx

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