In who’s name do you condemn? Protest against the disruption at the funeral of David Kato

Two posts in one day on the same subject? Well yes. I’m bloody fuming. The Guardian website is reporting scenes of disruption at the funeral of gay activist David Kato in Uganda. Apparently “towards the end of an emotional ceremony to mourn Kato, who was bludgeoned to death on Wednesday, Anglican pastor Thomas Musoke launched into a homophobic tirade, shocking the dozens of gay men and women as well as foreign diplomats in attendance.” Family and friends were naturally horrified by the words of hate spouting from the so called Man of God’s mouth. I’m absolutely disgusted (and I don’t use that phrase likely) by Musoke and his repentance lead end of sermon. The Guardian website quotes him as saying “The world has gone crazy, people are turning away from the scriptures. They should turn back, they should abandon what they are doing. You cannot start admiring a fellow man.”

Has he never heard of the phrase Rest In Peace? What kind life deserves to be judged so? How is it Kato’s family are not allowed peace at this most awful of times? For me it illustrates everything I find so disgusting about the blind prejudice of certain peoples interpretation of their Gods words.

We must respond. In words, thoughts and actions. Our disgust at the callous murder of David Kato, the treatment of his family and friends today at his funeral and the laws of Uganda that allow homosexuals to be jailed for life and possibly even sentence to death must be made loudly and clearly to everyone who will listen. The UK Government should represent our disgust and take action, The UN must ensure equality is a worldwide right and we must stand beside LGBT communities in every country and say we are beside you. Lets twin every UK Prides with those cities and towns in countries where being LGBorT makes you a criminal. Let’s raise funds, raise awareness and raise a bloody great big stink until this situation is changed.

I’m queer because I’m queer. End of. Lets find a way of keeping this issue at the top of the political and news agenda until being queer, no matter where you are born, is just because your queer. End of.