Reasons to be Brighton (Hercules & Love Affair, Tensnake, Your Mum’s House & our Romy)

Must be something about being born by the seaside and having sea salt in my bloodstream that makes me love Brighton so. Just when you think you can’t handle another seagull chorus, it knocks out another wonder and all is well in my hometown again. As January comes to its long waited for conclusion, there’s plenty to look forward to in the next few months be it Fringe or Escape, Live or DJ fueled.

Tensnake at Audio (04.02) looks like being a sweaty mother – there’s nothing finer than those re-tweeked bass bins whilst every gay in the village who’s in the know (and addicted to a Chicago bassline) will be in Digital (10.03) for some much needed My House action from Hercules and Love Affair. Add the sweet delight that is our Romy coming to Brighton newbie The Haunt for a night of xxcess and the twisted joy that’s bound to be delivered by Dirty Cash and Your Mum’s House at Coalition (Launching 09.02) and well all is well in the land of new music.

Stuff a remake of a remake of a remix of a remix any day! Brighton has so much more to offer. See you at the front.