Feeling Medieval – Fake Blood make me boil once more

Seems I can’t go straight to my desk and write essays. Like Billy Connolly once said when you get into work you don’t go straight to it. You ease yourself in. Well thanx to a woman who knows far too much about music for her own good I’m feeling medieval. Fake Blood’s Medieval. And not getting straight too it. The fuzzy distorted bass is too cute and the ravaged Casio too addictive and, as always seems to be the case with Messers Fake & Blood, the pre-release tune is too bloody short. Press play. Repeat…Repeat…Repeat and repeat again until ears bleed and the neighbours bang on the front dooe begging for mercy. (They prefer those Rufus Wainwright mornings we occasionally have).

So Fake Blood have got me by the short and curlies once more. Waiting for the release, addicted to their twisted beats and being perfectly distracted. Again.

Now where was I?…Oh yes….’Discuss the importance of design and or fashion for specific political movements’. 850 words down, 1650 to go. Damn you Fake Blood.