Make a splash at Wild Fruit’s Rio Pool Party! This Saturday at Brighton’s Honeyclub

Oh I love my job! Especially when gigs like this hit the inbox. Last Month’s Wild Fruit Kings and Queens party was nothing short of a regal wonder. A Saturday night triumph, it was so great to see so many Fruity lovers keeping it fabulous till the early hours. This month Wild Fruit returns to the Honeyclub for a night of Rio passion. DJs include local hero Lil Alex who impressed with his Fruit debut last month, the handsome Brazilian charmer that is DJ Douguim (The Week Brazil/ Beyond) and the talented producer / DJ / sweetheart that is Nick Tcherniak (Supermartxe). Check out his exclusive Wild Fruit podcast for Rio flavoured taster.

And that’s just the main room action. Hit the specially installed pool for a Rio flesh fest or admire Thiago Drewry and his Brazilian production dancers for a full on fiesta Ipanema Beach style. Check out those palm trees & caipirinhas on the terrace or the cheekiness of DJs Bradt Dykes and Linzi LoHands in the Pop / MishMash Room. And in the Discotec Room (Bar 211) from 12 midnight you’ll find Queen Josephine and myself supplying you with a soundtrack of the very finest in disco house, soulful, funk fuelled beats and classic grooves as we deliver a night of the music we truly love. All night long.

Wild Fruit’s Rio Pool Party. This Bank Holiday weekend’s must-do destination. See you on the seafront.


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