Tensnake bites back with ‘Something About You’

Some tunes just can’t be stopped. Tensnake ‘Something About You’ is one such tune. A favourite of mine from his brilliant RA 2009 podcast – its back and, like his limited edition vinyl Live +, its a corker of lovingly crafted genius.

Hopefully it heralds a summer of back to the new, old school / nu school house acid vibe as those annoying house tunes caned by lovers of SHM trouse are knocked backed to the crap compilations they belong to. But then maybe not. Maybe I want my summer soundtrack to be tunes avoiding the overkill. Either way Tensnake’s latest is ringing my bell. Stripped back, effective, vocal light and addictive. Hopefully credible is catching.

Released on Beatport 20th June 2011.
Video directed By: Pondr.co.uk