Vintage 29th-31st July 2011 – Down the back of the sofa with Charity Shop DJ

It’s not often I get to play at a gig praised by Radio 4 but that’s the way it goes some days. Next weekend Queen Josephine and I will have the pleasure of joining Charity Shop DJ at Vintage by Hemingway as they go down the back of the sofa. Yes the sofa. All those moments of glorious musical history too uncool to raise a fortune on Ebay or grace the latest Guilty Pleasures compilation. The tunes you discover in charity shops, the collections of the dearly departed or the heartless digital switchover. The tunes that soundtracked a life passed over to eternal shelf life.

Well no more. Charity Shop DJ will provide the Vintage festival goers with a taste of Britain the style gurus would rather forget. Queenie and I will be playing an exclusive influences and memories set, delivering tunes that have made us the DJs we are today. And as we began the hunt for the perfect playlist the influence was more than the funk and disco that deliver the wonder that is house. It’s so much more. The tunes that opened doors to sexuality, escape and love. The tunes we somehow know every single bloody word too. The Radio 2 soundtrack that accompanied the hot summers of the 1970s, the tunes that steered us towards deck action and the tunes we fell in and out of love to. The tunes that made us the people we are.

And all in a two hour set! Join us and the Charity Shop DJs on a journey Down the Back of the Sofa. To a special place created exclusively for the Vintage Festival by Charity Shop DJ and Derby Museum. A place for re-discovering the things which make us what we are. For finding the stuff which is often lost, sometimes forgotten – but always welcomed back.

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Vintage by Hemingway

Charity Shop DJ at Vintage from Pixelat3d on Vimeo.