A warm front is predicted – Queenie’s Brighton Pride weather forecast

No matter what shape or form the powers that be deem our Pride to be there are somethings they just can’t change. There are certain Pride traditions I’ll go with each and every year. The weeks of tune hunting, hoping to create that special terrace moment that will stay on my grinning mush weeks after the event. The last minute cash-flow induced rush for an outfit, Queenie noting how everyone has sold out of XXS vests. The quick visit to a salubrious tanning centre situated behind the classy slots, bumping into bears and dears as we try to find that bloody membership card. The bedding prep, the ironing, the visits, the first giant mirrorball sighting, the mass purchase of Purdeys and the essential Forde Hair visit. All as we try to keep calm and Pride on.

And then there’s Queen Josephine’s Pride Weather Forecast. Lo-key, Lo-budget and yet somehow highly crafted. Crayons and glue and script and stuff. The constant striving for the perfectly camp weather magnet. The best plans made, destroyed within seconds by a fit of the giggles. This year was no different although with the help of some rather talented youth (thanx to Bex, Dex and Jam) 2011’s forecast looks especially fine.

So you know the drill. Giggle at the missus as she giggles her way through her annual Brighton Pride tradition. One year we’ll not do it….one year! xx

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Semi serious

Giggle fuelled