A journey with Matilda: A golden Citroen DS

Late October and I was praying for clear skies and for Matilda’s dad to unleash the Citroen DS. I got both. Just. After discussions regarding the rain and returning the car to its rightful place, Matilda and I set to work in the most comfortable car seats known to man. It wasn’t easy. The seats may have yelled comfortable but Matilda wasn’t. A quick yell of ‘missus’ and Jo arrived, sat in the front seat and assumed the position of father, pretending to tell tales of boyhood and the grandfather Matilda never knew. There were many giggles, pictures of laughter and finally after much reflection the images started to come.

The photographs background however was far to noisy and the impact of the foreground was lost to houses and street furniture. I began to changed my aperture to the widest settings and the photos began to work for me and reflect the reflections Matilda was making in her mind as she spoke of trips with her Dad. I had began to capture her attentiveness. Just. The wide aperture meant camera shake was a problem and remaining still enough without a tripod (the backseat of the DS wasn’t cooperating) was a big issue. And I found it difficult to keep in focus both Matilda and the postcard we had placed on the dashboard. It wasn’t an easy shoot and I’m still unhappy with the technical side of the photographs but I love the colours and the sense of nostalgia both Matilda’s gaze and the Citroen’s dashboard deliver.

For me the photographs don’t quite reflect the concept in my head as the technical aspects defeated my imaginings but the overall feel of the photographs do generate the emotions I was hoping to portray. Lessons were learnt, I only hope they materialise in the next photographs I take.