A journey with Matilda: Sewing machines, scissors and a Monkey called Blackberry

Saturday the 5th of November was Matilda Day. An entire day dedicated to getting the shot right and getting past the technical blindness that seems to blight my photography. And yet today, as we worked with ideas and talked through the objects we were photographing and what they meant to Matilda the technical was pushed to one side in favour of the creative.

We started playing. Playing with ideas, concepts, images and memories. The person Matilda was and the person she had become. Sitting in her bedroom thinking about light and exposure I had a glimpse into the woman Matilda is becoming. Her room represents a growth spirt of the emotional kind. The odd teddy she can’t let go of shares space with a sewing machine that promises creation, a mannequin clothed with dream of her future designs whilst photographs on the wall reflect a life short and filled with memories and love. A bead necklace given by her brother Christy many years ago is displayed with affection. Her almost shy words reflecting how the annoying elder brother of her early years has been replaced by a treasured friend, there when ever she needs him.

And as we shared our thoughts on the meaning of the objects in the room the photographs came. Love for the parents that gave Matilda her dear toy monkey Blackberry, respect for the promise her sewing teacher and the machine she creates on have delivered and the ideas in that ever expanding mind of hers as she raids the local Oxfam to make something new from something old.