Didn’t we have a lovely time Down The Back of the Sofa

Last summer I had the pleasure of DJing for Charity Shop DJ and Derby Museum’s Down The Back of The Sofa at Vintage by Hemingway. And the attention to detail given to the joyful surroundings has seen Down the Back of the Sofa joining the short-list for the Temporary and Touring Exhibition category of the 2012 Museum and Heritage Awards.

The below video captures perfectly the love and affection generated by Down The Sofa and gang that special weekend and fingers crossed all involved will be victorious at the awards – in a comfy sofa, nylon curtain, splendid wallpaper kind of way. The memories of the memories they created stayed with me long after the event and I hope this is just the start for many more Down The Back of The Sofa events.

(PS. The video does not capture the overtly camp Queenie and I as we provided a guilty pleasures soundtrack – yes that’s us providing a little A Night Long Sunday Sundae style – to the event but I do believe the DJ filmed is wearing my lovely, but not so vintage, headphones).