Queenie interviews King K – what a regal mash-up!

Well, February is upon us and it’s time to put your Saturday night dancing shoes on. So here’s a lady who’s certain to get those rumps a jumpin’. Queen Josephine has a royal chat with the gorgeous King K and finds out her Australian dream, when to avoid Stevie Wonder and what you need to do to hear one of her secrets.

Where can we see you playing?
Currently I play every Saturday night at Revenge Club, Level 2, in the LED Box Bar!
How would you describe your djing style?
I play house music to get your booty shaking, with fierce vocals or cheeky samples. If it’s funky, bouncy and sometimes dirty 😉 I’ll play it!
What’s your favourite song of all time?
Just the one, are you sure??? Hmmm…… ‘Fusion’ by Hoxton Whores.
Which tune always fills up (or rescues) your dancefloor?
Avicii Vs Martin Solveig Vs Axwell – ‘Hello I Found Levels’ Gauffie mash-up…… “Everybody wanna know 
why I’m walking round with a big smile on my face. 
Hey I’m happy and it shows. 
Hey I’m back and I’m part of a human race. 
Cos you know I’ve been down so long. 
Never thought I’d ever feel this way again. 
And everything was going wrong, 
til you found me and you made me believe again”…………… Love it when everyone sings along! 

What would be your ultimate dream gig (no holds barred and in an ideal world!!!)?
Sydney Mardi-Gras on the beach to thousands!
Name a tune you wish you’d never played (and why!)?
Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ in the middle of a house-set in a bar. I was ‘requested’ to play it 5 times and got fed up with being asked – it was the biggest crowd killer! Everyone looked shocked!!!
Guilty pleasure?
One Direction – I love those boys (although you’ll never get me to play them out!).
What’s been your best ever gig?
I was lucky enough to actually achieve my dream last summer when I played back to back with Dulcie Danger in the main dance tent at Pride. It was the most unbelievable experience and DJ achievement…. totally blew me away!
Tell us a secret!
Hahaha it wouldn’t be a secret then would it!?…. Get me drunk on a Saturday night (vodka diet coke with a Tequila Gold shooter if you please) and I may divulge.

King K’s Fab Feb Wonders

Indeep Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Coqui Selection Remix 2012) White
RAW ft Amanda Wilson Intoxicated (Dan Grooved Intoxicated Dizco Mix) Hed Kandi
Erick Morillo, Shawnee Taylor & Tradelove Stronger (DJ Micah Petrov & DJ Andrew Struzhkin Mashup) White
Sean Finn Such A Good Feeling (Crazibiza Remix) Scream & Shout Recordings
Etienne Ozborne ft. Paula B Been A Long Time 2012 (Zoltan Kontes Iberostar Mix) Ibiza World Records

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