A battling Disco Deviant supporting LGBT Russia

russian party poster final
I was 17 when I finally came out. The response wasn’t the warmest I had hoped for, my mum’s utterance ‘well at least you’ll be able to wear sensible shoes’ the kindest words that came my way but I made it. I became a great big homo. Proud of who I am. Proud of who I love. Proud of how I live. Which is why the situation in Russia riles me so. Throughout my queer life I’ve had recognition and support from organisations and charities, campaigners and, eventually, the law. I could call the police when I was queer bashed, I knew who to lean on when health issues struck, I could access support when my relationship needed tending, I could provide a home for a LGBT teenager, I could read about my history in the archives and I could be out. At work, at uni, at home, with my friends and family. Right now in Russia if you are LGBT you can’t. End of. Its like time is going backwards, to a scarier place where equality has no home.

I paid attention at school. I learnt my world history. And when I would return home dumbfounded by the latest historical atrocity I’d learnt of that day, I swore to myself I wouldn’t stand by if it happened in my time. But I guess I have. I haven’t marched, boycotted or protested loud enough to stop the shite that happens on this planet we call home. None of us have really. A JustGiven moment isn’t all we can do to ease the worlds pain.

But you can pick your battles. Add your voice to the many. Make a noise. And intend to do so. I may be just a DJ who knows some promoters who know a venue owner who can deliver a fundraiser, but I am attempting to do something. Tonight we are gonna raise some awareness and put some coffers in All Out’s campaigning fund. Together with the city I love, for a community I’ve never met but feel the need to stand beside. Tonight I will be a battling Disco Deviant. Fancy joining me?

Disco Deviant Promoting Diversity No Crime No Punishment with Pleased Wimmin, Seamus Haji, Hifi Sean, Pablo Contraband, Kate Wildblood, Queen Josephine and host Karol Michalec. Friday 6th September. 10.30-4am. Audio, 10 Marine Parade, Brighton. 10.30pm-3.30am.