Why Brighton Pride really matters to me

Pride2014_MasterLogoSo here we go, Pride Brighton & Hove 2014. That time of the year where you can’t buy glitter for love nor money, your to do list is the most random its ever been (beer, gay paper fans, Forde hairdo, fresh peas, Donna Summer mask?) and your just days away from the finest love fuelled moments you’ve had since, erm last Pride. Yep my glorious city is getting gay, gay, gay in a big, big way.

So stand by your sequined beds, its time for my annual loved up Wildblood words. Because I do feel loved up. Brighton Pride always does that to me. And this year more than ever. Since March I’ve been spending my days writing about and for Brighton Pride and its truly amazing the amount of diverse content I’ve written. From disco divas to drag queens, alt cabaret, queer rock, fair disabled access, Pride Village Party, DJs, singers, bears, club nights, politicians, orange jumpsuits, mods & rockers, Divine filmstars, theatre, queer artists, comedy, nightclub history, generous sponsors, Pride Ambassadors, fun runs, fundraising, pampered pooches, literature, Baby Chillax, Rainbow Rooms – I’ve written it all. And each and everyone has done one thing for me, apart from the occasional bout of RSI, they’ve spelt out the importance of this thing we call Pride. Its something for all of us, however we take our Pride.

My harddrive is filled with stories of community, of diversity and support.  And I’m so chuffed that together as a city we can all make that so. Because we are amazing and together we can achieve so much. Pride Brighton & Hove 2014 is set to smash last years fundraising total, raising even more money for The Rainbow Fund ensuring they can support the LGBTQ organisations that we all rely on, the Brighton bedrock we all need.

But for me its also been so much more than just local. Together with The Kaleidoscope Trust, ILGA, Paul Kemp, Chris Jepson and James Brooks I’ve been a part of Brighton Pride’s 78 Countries Freedom To Live campaign. And boy is it needed. Spend a few hours in the company of some of the world’s state sponsored homophobic laws and you begin to understand the urgency.  Pride is so much more than a local concern,  this community of ours is global and we need to stand together with the world’s LGBTQ community and state loud and proud, no more, not in our name. Yes it may seem like a placard in the ocean, but by highlighting the inequalities and persecution so many of our fellow queers live with on a daily basis we can make a difference.

So that is why Brighton Pride Matters to me. When the glitter is swept away, the hangovers drowned in Berocca and the party is over, Pride will still deliver. Campaigning, fundraising and connecting. This weekend, somewhere, some soul will see a placard with their countries name on it. And they’ll know they are not alone. That we are here, working for their Freedom To Live, to love, to be. Just like you and me.

Have a safe and wonderful Brighton Pride. See you at the front.