Tonight: Wild Fruit presents Fabulous


Wild Fruit has always been about the people. Sure the tunes, the decor, the productions, the hostesses, the PA’s, the wild and wonderful themes and those Pride parties, oh those Pride parties, have all played a part in making Wild Fruit the legend it is today. But for me, be it as clubber or DJ, Wild Fruit has always beens about the special Fruity family; the wonders on the dancefloor, the delights at the bar, the disco darlings by the DJ booth, and yes even the randoms in the toilet queues. All coming together, as the DJ plays one last tune, arms in the air, united as one. Friends for (fruity) life.

Tonight may of us will be gathering to reclaim the party spirit, the fabulous, glamourous, sparkling spirit that makes Wild Fruit so special. It promises to be a Sunday social like no other, filled with classic Fruity tunes and must-do catch-ups. A chance to come together, dress up and be Fabulous again. Just how Brighton should be.

Wild Fruit presents Fabulous. Sunday 5th April No32 Duke St, Brighton. Hosted by the legendary Dolly Rocket and Chrissy Darling with DJs Pete Hayward, Dulcie Danger, Mikalis, Wildblood and Queenie. 9pm-3am. Find Fabulous on Facebook