Trans person gang-raped, 2 others killed in Pakistan


Swabi, Pakistan (Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons) Swabi, Pakistan (Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons)

The Nation Pakistan reported earlier this month on a police report that several armed men gang-raped a trans person after they had killed two others in Swabi, in the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Northern Pakistan.

The group of three trans persons was returning home after performing a music and dance show at a wedding reception.

Sajjad Khan, district police chief of Swabi, said the men were waiting for them in a field and tried to abduct all of them but they refused.

“The attackers opened fire after the refusal. One (trans) and one drummer died on the spot while another was wounded,” Khan said. The armed men then abducted the injured trans person who was released hours later, Khan said. “The victim told police that (s)he was set free after being gang-raped by four persons,” the police officer added.

Police have arrested six suspects and…

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