BrightonPride25: A pleasure from first scan to last

collage-3-800BrightonPride25 the exhibition has been part of my life for the past six months. An endless hunt for images and memories that has taken over my head and my hard drive. Thanks to Paul Kemp, Chris Jepson, Dulcie Weaver and everyone at Brighton Pride we have been able to collate and produce a truly unique celebration and recognition of everyone who has made Brighton Pride possible. The brave activists, the protesters, the supporters, the businesses, the charities, the crews, the staff, the volunteers, the workers, the paraders and the glitter covered. From protest to party and back again as we fundraise for local LGBT+ charities and organisations and campaign for the rights of our global LGBT+ community, for the freedom to live.

Alongside fellow curators Alf Le Flohic and Josephine Bourne and video maker Alan Cross I have had the best of times reliving, well, the best of times. Thank you to everyone who made it so, especially our incredibly generous contributors. Here’s to the next 25 years and the many more archives of proud memories.

Catch the BrightonPride25 exhibition at Jubilee Library, Brighton until 5pm on Sunday 2nd August and keep a look out at the Brighton Pride Festival grande finale on the main stage for a very special BrightonPride25 contribution.

Check out BBC Sussex’s report here

BrightonPride25: Curated by Josephine Bourne, Alf Le Flohic and Kate Wildblood. Video created by Alan Cross. Collage artwork designed by Kate Wildblood. Thanks to our many contributors and many volunteers, workers and campaigners who have made Brighton & Hove Pride possible: Dani Ahrens, Michele Allardyce, Neil Ball, Jaq Bayles, Calabash, Alan Collin, Andrew Collin, Rose Collis, Colourfast, Wayne Connell, Chrissy Darling, Melita Dennett, Evening Argus, Fausto, Fox Fisher, Denise Felkin, Iain Gowers, Paul Grace, Gscene Magazine, Mike Halsey, Anthony Heritage, Amy Hope, Michael Hootman, Frances Hubbard, Chris Jepson, The Keep, Paul Kemp, Sharon Kilgannon, Claudine Lacroix, Latest TV, Vince Laws, James Ledward, Gregory Marchant, Neil Masey, Peter McEachern, Christian McGinty, Sam Milford, Mikalis, Nicky Mitchell, Helene Natasha Moore, Quentin North, Osaro, Ourstory, Eric Page, Matt Page, Deborah Price, Real Brighton, Alan Robinson, Andrew Rogers, Jim Rogers, Dario Stevens, Glenn Stevens, Shak-T, Tailored Photography, Matt Taylor, Althea Thomas, Liam Thompson, Kyabayinze Vincent, Affy Wajid, Dulcie Weaver and Rachel Viena Woodgate.